Stream Cash

Stream Cash

Feel the ease of dealing with fellow players using streams cash.

Why Stream Cash?

Licensed, Registered and Supervised by Bank Indonesia

Our products are very safe and reliable

Easy to withdraw

very easy to make withdrawals


We understand that security is a very important issue. We make sure to you, all matters relating to user security and privacy are one of the main aspects that we pay attention to and we take seriously so that your data is well protected.

Storage and encryption

We use encryption to protect your account.


Collect points every time you win a tournament in various games on our platform

Transfers between players are free & fast at any time

Transfer to any player easily and quickly without being charged extra fees!

Top up with any bank

We provide many banks for you to top up

Fingerprint and PIN identification

Use a PIN or fingerprint to access your account.

Password and OTP

Stream Party! will never ask for your password, verification code, OTP account. Do not give this information to anyone.

Gamers Wallet

Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Account

To comply with Bank Indonesia regulations, follow these steps to improve your account

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